I was born in September 1940. From the age of ten I went to school in Worcester. As a teenager I was given a brass 3 1/4" refractor and I enjoyed studying the heavens with this and made a number of drawings of the moon, having read Patrick Moore's original book on the subject.

I read electrical engineering at Imperial College London. I then spent twenty years in the RAF as a pilot and an engineering officer, ultimately responsible for making arrangements for the front-line maintenance of new aircraft and missiles being introduced into service. My wife and I then settled in Fleet and I spent the rest of my working life as a self-employed electronics design consultant, designing a wide range of products for companies.

My interest in astronomy was revived when I bought a 5" Maksutov Newtonian in 2003. I started observing and drawing Mars which was favourably placed at that opposition. Soon after this I joined QCUIAG and was amazed at how much more detail could be discovered on the planets by imaging them with webcams. I modified two of them for long exposure, and thus began my interest in deep sky imaging as well. I helped with the design of the first Artemis CCD cameras and did the PCB layouts for them. I'm now on my fourth and fifth telescopes, and likely to upgrade them sometime soon! My main astronomical interest is now CCD imaging, although I have started measuring variable stars as well. The limiting visual magnitude in Fleet is never better than about 4.5 so I have acquired a caravan on a dark site in Wiltshire, although I don't get down there as often as I would like. I have also twice visited Tenerife in the summer with a fellow member of the Farnham Astronomical Society, Donal McDonnell. With any other spare time I play bridge and enjoy country sports including beagling and fishing.

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